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Hey folks! This is just a short, quick note to let you all know that I have opened up another blog. This new site is nothing like the old (this) one. I think all of my readers would enjoy it thoroughly, so make sure to check it out!

Over and out,


P.S. - Almost forgot to give you the link! Its http://anordinaryfellow.blogspot.com

The Close  

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Dear Readers,

I would like to announce that Life N jeans will be closing down until further notice. The re-opening time is not insight at the moment, so it could be one long spot of time (or indefinitely). If you are wondering why the blog is closing after so long, here are three main reasons.

- Post count to low
- Not enough readers
- School

As of now, all authors will be discontinued, and the blog will be shutdown and its future "rethought". If you wish to be alerted when (and if) the blog opens back up, just drop a comment saying so. Thank you all for following my blog over the past year, it was a lot of fun to write for you all.


Robert Galbraith


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Allo, I returned from Camp hemlock a while ago, so I decided to post the much delayed...post. Here 'tis!

Day 1 - I woke up at about 7:00 AM and and finished my final packing. I left for the church at around 8:20. Once I was there, I spent time loading up the bus with coolers full of all kinds of food for the camp. The bulk of the work was done by Mr. Wilson, Me, Robert B., and Ben Wilson . Kevin K. and his group didn't show up until later, so we did all the work. We all loaded up into the bus and various cars there and left for WV. after somewhere around three hours of driving, we had reached WV and stopped at kack-a-kacapon ( a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere) and (I) had a delicious roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy (Not to mention the delicious apple pie for Desert). After that we headed over to camp and opened up. I moved my stuff into the lodge and helped unload all the coolers and food (which Kevin didn't help AGAIN). After everything was done (cabins swept out, rooms unlocked, gates opened, fridge loaded, stuff unpacked, etc.) The campers started arriving. I helped set up the gun range until dinner time. When dinner was completed, people lumbered around for a bit and then we had campfire. Robert B. and I set up sound and we sang Worship songs for a while. Later we listened to teaching from Mr. maka. where offered a nintendo wii, plasma tv, and a bunch of other stuff for anyone who could win a "race". After that some of the graduating sentinels (6th graders) came up with their dads and talked. From then on everyone scattered off into the shadows. Well when We finally went to bed (Jessie P., Kevin K, Jonathon E., Robert B) no one could sleep so we talked for ever. Finally everyone went silent (for about two hours)Later, we found that we were all still awake (except for kevin) and so we pulled out a checkers board and ate cookies and gobstoppers. After several games (I won them all) we discovered that Kevin was asleep. Thinking this rather unfair that he could fall asleep so fast (and He pranked me last year) I decided to tooth paste him. Well, not me exactly. I convinced Jonathon to put the paste all over him, so that later i could shift the blame to him. Well he slept on for a good loooong time. When he finally woke up, he started yelling and sprinted down the hallway to the bathroom (we later found out that he had convinced himself that he was melting into the mattress). Once he found that the horrendous burning was caused by tooth paste (it hurts after say, five hours), He came back huffing and puffing looking for someone to maul. He suspected me right away (smart fellow) so i pointed at Jonathan, with the classic "He did it!". From then on, well, lets just say things were settled until everyone was happy. sort of.

Day 2 -

Having pulled an all nighter we were all (except kevin and Robert B) extremely tired. I hauled myself off to take a shower before breakfast. Once it was mealtime, we all congregated in the mess hall and waited for some scrambled eggs (well done), Sausage ( the only thing that tasted good), and home-made thick as glue oatmeal (tasted like glue as well). Once that delicious meal was over, we had devotions. Being one of my favorite parts of Camp, I was very disappointed when I had to miss devotions to go set up the rifle range. But I got to have my own time later one =). Well I was assigned to help teach the kids how to use a saw, knife, and axe. Basically sharp things. What really annoyed me was how the kids could dull the tools so fast! Almost every second seemed i was sharpening a hatchet or knife. Particularly the hatchets. Well after that I moved on to helping a group learn how to build a fire. The guy I ended up helping hadn't even lit a match before (considering he was in 2nd grade). I guess it was sorta unfair to the other kids when the guy i worked with got a good blaze goin and they were still huffing and puffing to get theirs started. Well soon after the bell rang for lunch and we sprinted to get in line first. Of course it was just measly old sandwiches for lunch, but hey, its better than nothing. Once lunch was completed we went back to working in the field for a bit, and then set off on a hike. A good way up the mountain we discovered a good sized rattle snake staring at us. We were observing him when one of our members (I wont say who, ahem ahem) Decided to get in rather "close". Now as well all know (I hope we do) a snake can strike with deadly force the distance of its full body length. This whopper was about 3 and a half feet long, and our, er, "friend" was well under that. Well he didn't die and we moved on. Two of our group had to go back down the mountain so Robert B and I continued on for a while. After about 45 minutes we came to one of the cliffs. I found a small crevice I could squeeze into, and discovered a perfect climbing wall, almost exactly like the winding stair from LOTR. Well this went down the face of the cliff, or rather, through the face. The entire descent (Oh yes, i descended) I was amazed my hand was ripped to shreds by a score of rattle snakes (I later discovered that hawks and vultures nested in the cavernous area, so all snakes stayed clear). Well earlier on i had found a beautiful Eagle feather, and when I started my downward climb, I had left it topside. So Mr. Wilson happens to come along, find it, and stick it in his cap. So much for that. Once we reached the bottom, I ran into a group of campers who didn't believe we had climbed the whole way, even though they saw us doing it (some people are just skeptics). Robert B. and I hiked with them back to camp, where I wanted to get Jonathan and Jessie and go back to climb the spot. Of course everyone was to lazy to do so and trailed off to the game room ( a place above the bunkhouse filled with ping pong, Foosball, and pool.) I followed and had an Epic room-wide ping pong game (one of the best ever), and thoroughly exhausted myself. I soon left and went outside to observe a few kids fighting on a log with battlestick (a pole with socks on either end which was used last year for games). I decided to do some myself, and played until someone threw me off (literally). After that there was a blur of dinner, campfire, and songs but I wont get in to detail. The only thing I am going to say though is that Mr. Maka put the plasma Tv in the fire, and I got a ten dollar dunkin donuts card (which i left at camp). That night I got some blessed sleep.

Day 3 - The last day. End of the camp. Blah blah blah sentimentality and such. Well we all had breakfast, and then I found my dad (he was with my little bro who's still in CSB) and we had some great devotions, talking about how life is like a race and we need to run for the prize (theme of camp hemlock). Afterwards I headed over to the slingshot section, and helped out (basically just making sure the kids dont shoot each other in the eye.) After a bit I took out my own personal slingshot and started knocking bottles off racks and popping balloons. Right when I was at my 10th hit in a row (shooting at a frying pan) it started to rain. Everyone regrouped back at the cabins ('cept for me) and got rain coats and such. Soon after the activities continued. Well later on, after the rain stopped, the camp dog (no one knows where she lives) popped in to say hello and everyone got distracted. Discreetly I slipped away to help get the stockpiles of water balloons in place for the battle we always have. Once the time was right, Everyone lined up (dads against sons, helpers can go wherever) and charged. 5 minutes of pure terror the sky is filled with balloons, nowhere is safe. once it was over, poor mr. sommerville was mobbed by the kids and buried under a massive dog pile. Some people tried to save him but it took forever to get those kids away. soon after they set their sights on someone else ( i cant quite remember who) and I dumped an entire water cooler full of...water, on them. Instantly they were after me like flys to molasses. I learned never to do that again.

Well after everyone cleaned up the mess from the balloons, people skedaddled off in different directions. I packed my stuff and helped get the guns and bows back in the cars. Well way later after everyone was gone, Kevin Robert and I (actually, It was really me) discovered a cool rope course. When i got disinterested in that, Everyone had gone to the pool. I soon made a big mistake, I entered the pool area. Instantly Everyone was intent upon pushing me in. Well Robert B was going to, But i warned him he was gonna go down no matter what (he was complainin bout his ipod in his pocket). So he sorta stayed away. Then Kevin K. was gonna help me throw him in, so I attempted to push kevin in. Not good. He managed to catch on at the last minute and not fall in. After chasing me in circles forever, he finally gave up on me. Right when my back was turned though, Robert B rushed up and shoved me in. Backstabber! I was in jeans. Well I trodded soaking wet onto the bus. It took forever it seemed, for us to get to a mcdonalds/shop place. We all got out and I got a small fires, drink, and a mcchicken. Not to mention the nerds, pringles, or sour belts. After loading back up into the bus, we all argued (excuse me, debated.) about doomsday, smallpox, russia, obama, and a few other things. Some persons (i wont mention any names) Got a bit...overly involved. Well once we reached the church, we all unloaded, headed home, and dropped dead. The end.

Thats about all for now folks, See ya round!


Some music a bet you all have never heard.  

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Here's a song from WAY back when that has become a classic in my family. If you don't like it I can take it down, but I think it's really funny. Enjoy!

First Football game, enjoying the bench.  

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Well my first football game was yesterday and I was benched at halftime. But, I'm OK with that because of the reason. We were too good! We scored 4 touchdowns on four plays so they had to institute a mercy rule. I still got to play defence so I was OK. The final score was 28-0. Our next game is hopefully going to be a lot harder and A LOT OF FUN! It's an away game at Ellicott City. The field there is field-turf (Fake, and really nice) and the stands are built on the side of a hill so it gives you a stadium feel! The team there is good too though.

OH, I have a really funny story about the football game. Our entire team came to the game wearing our home jerseys which are red. Well the other team came wearing red too! That means that both teams were the same color! Well it would be really hard to play a game like that so we switched jerseys. Since we were at our home field we had a trailer full of football equipment. The coach went into the trailer and found white jerseys for all of us. The problem is that hardly any of them fit and the numbers didn't correspond with the position. So half the team was wearing jerseys that were WAY too tight! (remember we were wearing football pads) Some could barely move their arms! But we played and won anyways! Trying to take them off was SOOOOO funny, people were trapped inside their jerseys! But no one died and it was a lot of fun.

P.S. When we passed the other team I broke the rules by yelling
"Hey guys! Enjoy those nice, RED, uniforms!" (I didn't get in trouble though, the coach just laughed)

Camp hemlock, and the play  

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Hey all, Robert here. Do you remember a while back when I said that I wouldn't be going to Camp hemlock? Well I was feeling pretty down about it. But I prayed that if it was God's will, that he would open a door for me to go. Or maybe a window. And sure enough, The next day I got a call from the Mr Kelley (the guy in charge of the camp) informing me that they needed some more help after all! The lord is amazing.

But whilst there is good news, there is also bad news. Well, its not really bad. As some of you know, I was signed up for an audition with Mrs. Mays for the spring play this year. Well after some more thought and consideration, my parents decided that I should wait till next year, particularly because of my heavy burden of school I will have to deal with, as well as the fact that I serve a lot at home (Taking care of my handicapped brother) and The play would take a lot away from that. This was a disappointment to me, but i can see that even if I was able to do music, school, THG, serving at home (which takes a lot), adventure academy, and the spring play, I would be a walking zombie. So I have decided to leave it all in the best place possible, the Lord's hands =).

Over and out,


P.S. - Buying some Chucks later!!!

Some music for you  

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This song is amazing: Make sure to turn off the blog's music before you listen to it though.